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Diamond with Ruby Surround
Diamond with Tsavorite Surround
Sapphire with Diamond Surround
Diamond with Sapphire Surround
Tsavorite with Diamond Surround
Ruby with Diamond Surround
(FLM) *
* (FLM) This ring is available in 14k with a .10 ct. modern diamond center and .50 ct. total weight color surround. Also available in 18k with all diamonds @ .45 ct. total weight, or .15 ct. color center with .35 ct. total diamond weight surround. The ring weighs 3-4 grams, and is a size 7 1/2.
** Please note... always inquire about pricing and availability for each model of any style. Due to fluctuations in the precious metals and gem markets, things may change at any time.
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